Dr Leesa Swainston received her medical degree, with honours from the University of Queensland in 1991.She has undertaken post-graduate training in General Practice and holds a fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Leesa thoroughly enjoys working with patients throughout their lifespan to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Leesa brings with her over 20 years experience as a GP, including a decade spent in regional centres prior to returning to Brisbane and joining Healthy Women in 2010. 

A supporter of an evidence based approach to medical issues, she supports both patient education and input into the decision making process. Her years of helping families has led to an ongoing interest in the fields of preventative health and wellness promotion. This encompasses psychological wellbeing, and further education in psychiatry has also been undertaken.

Additionally as a mother of four, Leesa has a great understanding and experience with women’s issues. When time allows, she enjoys music, art, travel and nature.

Dr Leesa brings with her many years experience as a GP and has pursued further studies in Women’s Health due to her ongoing interest in the field of Female and family health. Lisa is a Mum to four children so she really has a great understanding of women’s issues.